Learning New Vocabulary.

Before we talk about the kind of vocabulary you need to be familiar with in the FCE exam, let’s talk about HOW to learn new vocabulary. Different people find different methods more or less useful. With this in mind, here are some suggestions for ways to organise new vocabulary that you want to remember. Make sure to scroll down to take advantage of the free flash cards I offer for learning collocation using the program Anki.

Flash Cards

As far as I am concerned, one of the best ways to learn vocabulary and collocation (words which commonly go together) is to use FLASH CARDS. The old fashioned way to use flash cards is to write the word or collocation you want to remember on one side of a small piece of paper, and the translation in your language (possibly with an example sentence), or a definition in English on the other side. You look at the word and try to remember what it means, or you look at the meaning and try to remember the word.


This method works well, but thankfully there are now more modern options online. One such option is to use quizlet. This is a fantastic online flash card maker. You can make your own, or use materials made by others. Each set of cards can be used in different, enjoyable ways.

If you would like to get access to flashcards relating to the FCE exam, covering topics such as collocation, phrasal verbs, prepositions and grammar topics such as conditionals and gerund vs infinitive etc, you can use this link to join my ready4fce quizlet class:

Ready 4 FCE Quizlet Class 

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Another great little flash card maker is a program called Anki . This is a program or app which is free for Android devices or your P.C, laptop or Mac. Unfortunately, the i-Phone version costs money, so you are better off installing it on one of the other devices.

Anki differs from Quizlet, because once you have a set of cards to study, the program will arrange the cards based on what you find difficult or easy to remember. For example, if you find it easy to remember one of the cards, you will see it less often. The cards you find difficult, you will see more often. This is the best feature of the program and what makes it worth downloading in my opinion.

In addition, much like Quizlet, when you download Anki, you can either make your own cards or gain access to thousands of other sets of flash cards.

Follow the link below to receive a free set of flash cards to help you to study collocation. I have created hundreds of cards with common collocations for you to study. The flash cards are divided into 10 sets. Each set should be studied for just 10 or 15 minutes each day for a week. There are 10 sets (10 weeks worth) of cards for you to download. Once downloaded, you can open them in your Anki app.

Anki Flash Cards for Collocation

Word Lists

Of course, you can always just write down the new words you learn in a book, but when studying for the FCE exam, it is probably better to put new words into a table such as the one below.

Comfort Comfort (un)comfortable (un)comfortably I comforted my friend when she broke up with her boyfriend
Silence Silence Silent silently He crept silently through the darkened room