I worked with Shane for about 8 years and he is a very enthusiastic teacher with a passion for teaching. He was well liked amongst his students and always worked hard to make his lessons enjoyable for his students. His knowledge of grammar and writing skills is impressive and he made sure his students were always well prepared for the FCE exam . Shane and I taught FCE together for a number of years and it was an extreme delight to work with a teacher so dedicated to making his classes not only motivating but also memorable for the students.


Rachel (Australia)

I am an ESL teacher who taught EAP for 4 years after 20 years in Education. Shane was the trainer for my TESOL Certificate IV course. He was caring, conscientious and ensured that his students had the best learning outcomes possible. I would absolutely recommend a website that he has developed to assist students.

Andrea (Australia)

Shane was an amazing teacher! Patient, flexible and creative. He always found ways for classes to be fun. I highly recommend him!

Patricia (Santos, Brazil)

Shane was a perfect teacher! I met him during Langports classes in Australia. He was teaching Cambridge classes and all of his students had a great score on the test. If that isn’t enough, he is a lovely teacher! Always able to help us. I miss him.

Izabel (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Shane is one of the best teachers I have ever had. His lessons are fun and easy to follow. He cares about each student in the class and gives concise advice for their needs. Definitely recommend taking his class!

Shoko (Japan)