Part 1 – Grammar BasicsReady_Set_Go

Firstly, we will look at the basics of English grammar. This is an important lesson, as the rest of the course will be built on the topics covered in this first section. Please read this section carefully, and do all the practice exercises before you continue. Now, let’s get started.

Grammar Part 1 – Subject Verb Object

Grammar part 2 – Compound and Complex Sentences

Conjunctions and Transitions list (for use with Grammar part 2)

Once you have read the above note, please have a copy of the conjunctions and transitions list above and try the following practice activities.

Practice 1 for Grammar Part 1

practice 1 for grammar part 1 ANSWERS

Practice 2 for grammar part 1

Practice 2 for grammar part 1 ANSWERS

Part 2 – The 12 Tenses.

The 12 tenses of English can cause a lot of confusion and frustration. I am going to assume that if you are doing the FCE exam, that you have some experience with the tenses of English. Therefore, rather than covering everything here, I have included this link to a useful “cheat sheet” for the 12 tenses. It includes how the tenses are formed, how they are used and some key words to help you recognize which tense to use. Please read the following linked page before you continue.

12 Tenses

  • From here, you should check back each week to see the latest topic on the Blog page. The first topic will be to expand on the 12 tenses. After that we will cover all kinds of useful grammar, including Active and Passive, Relative Clauses, Reported Speech, Conditionals, Comparative Structures and many more.