About the FCE exam

The Cambridge FCE exam consists of four papers. These are Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and speaking.

The Reading part of the exam tests your ability to read different kinds of texts. These texts could be taken from a novel, or a newspaper or magazine.

Use of English is designed to test your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and collocation. You may be tested on any number of grammar topics, which is why you will find so many grammar explanations and activities on this site. You will also need to know a wide range of vocabulary on different topics, as well as collocation and different word forms.

The Writing section of the test consists of two parts. In part one, you must write an essay. In part two you have a choice of topics and writing styles, so it is important that you know how to write an article, review, report, informal e-mail and formal letter.

Listening consist of four parts including monologues or conversations between two or more speakers.

Speaking in the FCE exam has four parts which get progressively harder. The speaking exam is interesting due to the fact that you will have a speaking partner. There are times when you will speak to the examiner, and times when you will have a conversation with your partner.

The Cambridge English website has a more detailed explanation of the exam that I suggest you read, with samples of each part of the test. You can see it by following this link to the official Cambridge English website:

Test Format and Examples from Cambridge Exam English